"We are living in extraordinary times. This is the shift of the ages. The financial system will restructure itself, the matrix will fall apart and new society will be born. Our reality is about to shift and changes will affect everybody. This world is about to enter a totally new dimension, a new reality, an end of linear time. Are you ready? This tour is not just an introduction to preparedness… It is the ultimate preparation for this extraordinary time. It contains information and guidance about time around 2012 and the planetary dimensional shift, never before revealed on this planet." - Cobra

You can see my videos here. Most of them are related to Cobra's posts. They can give you better understanding about the situation of the shift of the ages.
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Informations for Translators

 STEPS for a new video: 

 1. If you want to translate one of the texts, please visit here, and download the text. 

 2. After translation, please upload the translated text file here: Facebook site or send it to    parlagisas777@gmail.com. 

 3. I will do the video with your text and upload it to YouTube.

The texts:

Key to Freedom Meditation

Galactic Codex text

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